Remedies for Lower back pain

The desk job has been taking a toll on us in ways more than we know or we accept.

The sedentary lifestyles have harmed our bodies way too much. While we cannot do much about the way of working, we can always find ways to improve our health.

Lower back pain is like slow poison, you would not tend to notice it in the beginning, you tend to ignore the little signs which tell you there is a problem with your back. But one fine day, it increases beyond measure and you face difficulty in even bending down for basic tasks.

Let us discuss what all can we do at home to make this pain go away!

  1. Keep moving: That little device in your hand always does more than just let you surf through social media! Keep reminders in your mobile phone for getting up from your seat every hour and taking a 5 minutes’ stroll.
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2. Do stretching: Every morning after waking up, keep those few minutes aside for the stretching exercises, which are a must for your body. Blood flow increases in your body because of that and you will feel more energetic throughout the day.

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3. Yoga: Imbibe certain yoga poses in your daily routine to keep the back pain at bay! Don’t you worry about the difficulty level of the poses if you are a non-practitioner of yoga, as these are all very basic poses. Try to hold all the poses for 10-15 seconds for added benefits.

Listing a few of them below:

  • Cat pose
  • Cow pose
  • Bridge pose
  • Cobra pose
  • Child pose
  • Locust pose
  • Downward facing dog
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4. Sleeping tip: Sleep with a rolled napkin or a small pillow under your knees. It helps in maintaining the natural back curve and the healthy sleeping posture.

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5. Hot compress: This therapy is for the ones with a chronic back pain. Use a heating pad/bag etc. before sleeping and after waking up as the chronic back pain is at the peak during these times. The hot towel/bag therapy reduces the stiffness in the muscles caused while sleeping and also increases the blood flow in the affected area. It soothes the aching muscles.

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The above mentioned remedies are helpful in case there is mild back pain or just the beginning of it. If it is persistent/unbearable it is highly advisable to visit a doctor for appropriate and accurate treatment.

Disclaimer: Above content is only for knowledge purpose and should not be a substitute for medical advice from a doctor. Consult a doctor if the lower back pain persists.

Colours of SS 21

As we enter in the new year, we see a lot of changes happening around us! Change is something that all of us are looking forward to in this new year. The colour trends are just telling the same story.

The colour trends for the Spring Summer 2021 released by Pantone are a treat for the sore eyes.

Without building much mystery around it, let’s dive into the 8 colours of the Power Surge Palette by Pantone for SS21.

  1. Red Maple:

This colour speaks a lot. It is the colour of courage, passion, love, and sacrifice. It is not too loud but at the same time stands out for sure. The maple tone in this colour gives a warm vibe about it.

  1. Nobility:

The nobility colour is a shade of Blue. It is on the brighter end of the colour blue. The colour pops out! It gives the sense of trust, security and loyalty. The colour signifies responsibility and reliability. It’s like a new blue colour.

  1. Iced Mango:

This is a new and fun colour! This colour is a bridge of the pastel tones of the past few seasons with a dash of this season’s trend of the bright colours. Iced Mango gives out the perfect summery feels.

  1. Boudoir Red:

Another tone on the dark end of the palette. The boudoir red colour looks stylish, elegant and classy, all at the same time. This shade of red is not something that is seen often. Adorning this colour will ensure that you turn a few heads in your direction!

  1. Lime Zest:

As the name describes this colour is zesty, vibrant and fresh. It symbolizes happiness, optimism, energy and clarity. We are so thrilled to see this colour on outfits and how stylists’ style it with other colours.

  1. Siesta:

Siesta is the cutest shade amongst this palette. It is somewhere on the lines of peachy pink. The colour reminds of the sunset sky from the beach. It’s a beautiful shade of pink.

  1. Pepper Stem:

The pepper stem colour is a shade of green. This colour looks like 2 tones lighter of the bottle green colour. The colour is soothing, relaxing and youthful. This colour can be played around with a lot in the accessories.

  1. Fairy Wing:

This colour is all magic! It is a pastel shade of pink-purple colour which we have been seeing for the past few years. It is a super cute colour which has a very girly vibe about it.

This is all about the Pantone SS21 palette from us. We are super psyched seeing all these colours!

Realizations in 2020

We have come to such a point in life where every realization, every situation, every incident ultimately makes us think about life in general – in retrospect.

COVID has changed the way we view things. What things are worth our time and which deserve to be ignored and laughed at!

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We tend to get upset over the silliest of things and waste our happy moments and days being grumpy about things which are not going to matter in the long run. But recent times have changed the way we deal with life.

We have become less concerned about what people will think if we do not behave a certain way or in line with the norms decided by the society! We have come to give a pass to other people as well and not hold a grudge against them for petty happenings.

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The small social circles have become even smaller. We have started taking things on a lighter note more often – which is very good because every little thing should not carry so much of weight and importance.

We have started becoming more forgiving and kind to each other and most importantly –  to ourselves. The part of the world where we come from – we are used to being so harsh on ourselves. We need to change that and be more accepting and less judgmental of our own selves.

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We are blessed with this beautiful form of life and we should try and make the most of it.

Future is uncertain –this sentence never made so much sense until the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world!

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Goodbye 2020, we had so much to learn from you!

Welcome 2021, we await with you new hopes and dreams in our hearts!

2020 is flying by in front of our eyes

A lot of us are now so fed up this year that we just want it to vanish – pooofff!!! Correct?

We can totally understand the feeling as we too sail in the same boat.

At the same time, we also believe that we should not forget all the things that 2020 taught us – some by force, some we learnt on our own and through our own experiences.

So, before we bid goodbye to this strange year, some points that we should carry with us to the next year and for the years following that.

1] Fill your life with more and more moments spent with your closed ones.

The best asset of our lives is the people we have in our own little world. Be it our parents, siblings or partners – nothing and absolutely no amount of wealth matches the level of joy and peace that these relationships can provide you with!

Of course chase your dreams and build your dream life –but make sure this bunch of people is in it, closest to you otherwise everything might feel meaningless!

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2] Carpe Diem.

One thing we all learnt in this year is that life is so damn unpredictable and it is not healthy for anyone to dwell too much on the future. What we have is today and so we should literally make the most of it. Live each day as it is the best day of your life and try to make it as beautiful as possible.

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3] Healthy body and mind should be a priority and not an option.

Suddenly when the pandemic hit the world – the word immunity and fitness became synonymous with every conversation. But my dears, is it only this pandemic which requires us to be fit and healthy? Isn’t immunity and good health a goal otherwise?

If not, then it should be. Better late than never!

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4] Let go, be kind.

This world needs more kindness and there is no two ways about it. Humanity needs a revival in its approach. Being considerate and empathetic is the need of the hour.

Just let go of little things and misunderstandings and look at the bigger picture. Trying this will definitely make your life more peaceful. This does not mean that you should not take a stand for what’s wrong but it means that one should choose their battles wisely- not every situation is worth taking up a stand for!

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5] Minimalism is the way ahead.

Lockdown during the pandemic taught us what the basic necessities of life are. We have become so obsessed with our possessions that we are blinded by them. What should be truly a part of our life and what is completely unnecessary – we are not capable enough anymore to judge that.

So many options are thrown at us that we tend to collect stuff which we throw off ultimately as it expires, sometimes without even using it once.

It is very important that we control the splurge on things even though we can afford them. As much as we would love to have variety in everything – the world resources are only finite and so it is in the best interest of everyone that we learn this lesson the soonest!

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Hope you all could connect with our heartfelt 2020 penned down in a few words! Toodles!

How to survive a bad day!

We all have to agree that there are some days when you wake up groggy and as the day passes you feel more and more miserable. Of course it is okay to feel that way sometimes, but many a times we do not have the luxury to wallow in self-pity even on such odd days.

So how to survive that day?

Well, here’s sharing our tried and tested ways to pass the gloomy day and wait for a brighter next morning!

  1. Start your day with meditation/yoga or a light walk in the fresh air. Even if you are not a regular practitioner of yoga/meditation, give it a shot on such days, it will definitely fill you up with energy!

You could go out for a walk in a park nearby or if your society has one, you can use that. Soak in some sunshine and breathe in some fresh air – both of these have become such rare things in our busy lifestyles that getting some of them would make you feel instantly pumped up about life as we know it.

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  1. If you have a job that requires you to work from home then you have the liberty of working in your own twisted ways. Take little 5 minutes break every hour and walk around in the house. Talk to someone close to you for 5 minutes in that break; talk about anything at all in the world – may be even politics in Brazil haha!
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  1. If you have a fairly long commute to your work, listen to music while on the way. Any kind of music – soothing, loud, blasting your ears, romantic! That will help you to calm your nerves and feel better in a way that you will be able to pass your day in a better frame of mind.
  1. Engage yourself in as much work as possible; do not keep your mind free. On such days, it is a normal human tendency to go on a thought train and overthink. Do not let that happen or else a bad day will turn into a worse one. Keep yourself occupied in one thing or another and that is the key to stay away from any negativity that might seep in.
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  1. Plan your evening; not necessarily a fancy night but it could be a quiet dinner watching your favorite classic movie on the couch. Eating your favorite food could up your spirits or at least provide you with some comfort, in a way uplifting your low day a little higher.
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  1. Read your favorite book with a scented candle lighted on your side table and you cuddled in your cozy comforter. Nothing better than reading a good book and melting into the book world and forgetting the real world and its worries on a bad day.
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Let us know if any of the above mentioned things you found helpful! You could even share your little secrets about how you uplift your low days!

Until next time…

The instagram handles that we completely looveeee!!!

Well, we all might love it might hate it but the fact still stands tall that we all love our social media time. Some of us spend very little time, some of us dedicate a huge chunk of time to it but they are hardly some people who are completely off the social media roller coaster ride!

So, we planned to list down a few Instagram accounts/blogs/handles whose content we loveee!

1] Kusha Kapila: She is the first one on our list. The reason is simple. She is hilarious! Just go check her page. Her stories will make you crack like anything. We have been her fan since her “South Delhi girls” videos. There came a time when she became a viral sensation on social media and the characters that she played online became so damn famous!

Insta Handle: kushakapila

2] Mishti and meat: This Instagram handle is owned by Shramona Poddar. We just love her feed. The photos she puts up there and the stories behind them – amazingly beautiful. We are a big fan of her writing. If you are a fan of good captions and love reading, then check her account for sure and you will thank us later!

Insta Handle: mishit.and.meat

Source: Google Images

3] Travel with searats: It is handled by a couple – Rashmee and Anant. We have been following their journey from the time when they had just started their space on Instagram. Ofcourse, they have grown by leaps and bounds since then! If you have that travelling ka keeda in you then you must follow them. They out up their travel experiences beautifully and not all their travel expeditions are luxury ones so if you have a budget when you travel then have a look at their handle and you will surely get a good amount of guidance from there.

Insta Handle: travelwithsearats

Source Images: Google Images

4] Shivesh Bhatia:  He is a food blogger and a self-taught baker. We have made innumerable desserts following his recipes and they have turned out to be yummm! The recipes are extremely easy to follow; trust us because we are as naïve in baking as you guys, but still we could make our tummies happy by satisfying the dessert cravings with delicious desserts made by self. Haha!

Insta Handle: shivesh17

Source: Google Images

5]  Haram_khor by Ganesh Vanare: He clicks some extraordinary photographs which need no description. The photos themselves speak to you and tell a story. His feed would take you on a thousand-mile-long journey from which you would not want to come back to the reality! Just have a look at his instagram handle once, if you haven’t already!

Insta Handle: haram_khor_

Now likes and dislikes are very subjective, so may be some of you might not be in assent with us for the choice of our list but hey, you could tell us your favorites too. Who knows we too might like them!

Benefits of practicing Hobbies

Hobby. Hobby is an activity that a person does in their own time and for their own liking. Hobby could be anything from sports, art, crafts, music to cooking, sewing, knitting, etc. Hobbies are of course for leisure and free time, but it has a few benefits attached to it as well!  Pursuing a hobby can be actually beneficial for your health as well as in your career. Let’s see the top 5 benefits that it has.

  1. Hobbies can keep your health in better shape.

Hobbies help you keep fit physically as well mentally. They work as a stress buster. These activities are not on any compulsory task list and so it makes the activity more enjoyable, hence making a positive impact on the health.

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  1. Hobbies makes you take a break for yourself.

In these constantly changing times, where everyone is in a rush, we often forget to take some time out for ourselves. Developing a hobby and practising it regularly makes sure that we take some time out consciously for our own nurturing. This helps us connect with ourselves on a deeper level.

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  1. Hobbies helps you improve your career.

Practising a hobby makes you better at handling work-life balance. This also helps us think more creatively in any situation. Hobbies take our minds off of the routine lives which recharges us to take on the upcoming week or day with new energy levels.

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  1. Hobbies can be your medium to meet new people and give back to the society.

Hobbies can eventually make you join some groups or clubs of the similar kind. This becomes a medium for us to meet new people, make friends, learn more about the activity, and much more. Mentoring about the activity, volunteering and teaching about the hobby can be a way to give back to the society, while loving every bit of the process.

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  1. Hobbies makes you more mindful and present in the moment.

Hobbies help you focus on the task at hand and not think about the various other things that maybe happening in your life. Activities demand concentration from you which makes you more mindful about the present moment. Such concentration can help the mind to centre and let the stressful thoughts go away.

Hobbies can be any activity that you enjoy. It can be painting, playing a sport, learning new languages, photography, pottery, and much more. Developing and practicing a hobby has so many benefits all while having fun and loving it.

Bare minimal of makeup essentials

Let us all agree on one point: Not all of us are fans of heavy makeup but still like some basic decking up.

Presenting here a list of products which according to us, makes up for the basic items which if included in your vanity, should be enough for your basic makeup routine.

1) Kajal: Even though it is the most basic and simple thing that your vanity can have; it has multiple advantages to it!

Firstly, it can enhance your already pretty looking eyes. Secondly it can save your day when you are not feeling up to the mark, just one stroke and your sad looking face will light up – or at least it will seem so to people around you!

Source: Google Images

2) Lip Gloss:  This little stick works wonders when you are not a lipstick fan and still want something more than just a plain lip balm. Agreed, that it has been in and out of trend in the past few years.

But hey, when has trend affected the nude lip gloss users anyway!

Source: Google Images

3) A gel based eye liner: Liner and Kajal are quite a pair! If one of them is missing, the other one fills the void with quite ease. Quite a lot of them are waterproof and so easy to apply and easier to remove without any mess around those gorgeous eyes!

We personally find gel liners to be super smooth – application wise. A liquid one is extremely difficult to handle (we are talking about makeup essentials here so pro makeup people; please be kind!)

Source Images: Google Images

4) BB cream/Basic foundation: This one is a little tricky we agree as it includes choosing the perfect product based on your skin tone. Plus, if you are not a makeup fan then you might fight them to be a little too much; but trust us they are not!

BB creams are a tad easier to apply than the foundations and they give you one even tone on your skin. Foundations too are not that complex and with the use of a beauty blender, can blend quite effortlessly.

Though, you can completely skip either of these for your daily use if you are not comfortable with them.

Source: Google Images

5) Makeup remover: This item should never be skipped. However, light the products might be, they must be removed before you go off to bed. All the good brands have their own variants of this and you can go with whichever product suits your skin the best.

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Importance of Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations. Most of us must have come across this term especially after what the world is going through right now. So just for starters, positive affirmations are positive phrases or sentences about one to keep the negative thoughts and stressful thoughts at bay. Those statements are not something that you just tell yourself, but you have to believe in them as well.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Positive affirmations are not some magic, but a practice that we can develop to reap the multiple benefits they have to offer. Positive affirmations help us to become more resilient towards the difficult situations which everyone faces in their lives at some or the other point.

Source: Google Images

So, let’s jump to the part where we talk about its benefits.

1. Increase in self-confidence

2. Helps improve self-esteem

3. Lessens frustration and anger

4. Calmer approach towards various situations

5. Increase in productivity

6. Helps in stopping procrastination

7. Helps in overcoming bad habits

8. Overall well-being of the mental and physical health

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These are the few benefits which have been experienced by people who have cultivated this habit of positive affirmations in their daily lives. Initially it can seem awkward to talk to ourselves out loud in such a manner, but when we say it out loud in our own voice, there is a higher chance of our brain registering it as an important event, which eventually will make it easier to believe in what we say.

Our top 5 comfort foods!

We will give you a fair warning about this list is going to include majorly high calorie food, lol! Read at your own risk and then keep on dreaming about it while drooling!

We all have different ways of coping with life. We choose food for every situation that we come across in life – as they say food is BAE!

Food helps us function better and make sense of life. We literally believe in “Live to eat.”

1] A good chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream : This combination can never go wrong for us. Whatever the mood might be, a slice of chocolate cake always helps.

It has been a constant companion in our celebrations of joy, sorrows, gloomy days, failures – everything!

Source: Google Images

2]  Khichdi: Now, this one might surprise a lot of you, but trust us a warm bowl of khichdi with a dollop of ghee can comfort you like nothing else can. It is not comfort food; we call it soul food!

It is like chicken soup for an Indian soul which gives you full guarantee of a happy and satisfied tummy and a good night’s sleep.

Source: Google Images

3] Aloo vegetable sandwich : This sandwich from some local shops along with tomato sauce and sev on top is just pure bliss. It has super natural powers of calming the anger and provide instant uplifting of mood.

Source: Google Images

4] Indian style desi Italian pizza : There is one particular joint in the city we are based out of – called Jasuben pizza. They serve bhakhri based pizza with tomato gravy, onion, capsicum and loads of amul cheese (non baked) as toppings.

We could gobble down at least 2 at a time and still be craving for more – it is that gooood!

Source: Google Images

5] French fries: Well, this one’s a no brainer, really! Food which has been a part of our childhood, teenage madness and adulthood craziness! Fries have never left our side – come what may! Birthday parties or bachelorettes – they have seen it all!

A true companion at every stage in life – this one sure is last on the list but not the least.

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Indian Web series to watch in 2020

1] Avrodh: The siege within: Just finished watching this amazing web series. It is based on the URI attacks done on the Indian army and the surgical strike carried out by our brave soldiers after that.

The series is of 9 episodes – each averaging the run time of around 30 minutes. The details shown in the series are fabulous. The cast is power packed with the likes of Neeraj Kabi, Amit Sadh, Pawai Gulati [Thappad fame], Darshan Kumaar.

The series did not generate much hype, but it surely is recommended.

Content partner: Sony Liv

Source: Google Images

2] Aarya: Well, watch this one if you haven’t already. A powerful comeback by Sushmita Sen keeps the series afloat.

A little long –runtime wise but worth it. A powerful family, drug cartels, indo –western wedding – this series has all the melodrama that you can think of and some more. Along with being dramatic, this one’s a thriller too. Directed by Ram Madhvani [Neerja fame], the series is an edge of your seat thriller

Content partner: Hotstar+ Disney

Source: Google Images

3] Special Ops: One of the first few series to be released this year and it was mind blowing; taking the bar of Indian web series to next level. Starring Kay Kay Menon and Karan Tacker in lead roles, this one takes you on a ride full of adrenaline rush. If you are a fan of content based on Indian spies doing some stupendous work then this one is a must must watch!

Content partner: Hotstar+ Disney

Source: Google Images

4]Asur: It is a crime thriller based on a serial killer. Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti play the leads, doing complete justice to their respective characters. It has touch of deep mythology in it along with the modern day set up. A very interesting mix of both the worlds. Something very different but worth your precious time.

Content partner: Voot

Source: Google Images

5] Panchayat: Starring Jitendra Kumar, this one is a light comedy with a village backdrop. Simple, hassle free, family entertainment is provided by this web series. It follows the life of a boy who is posted in a remote village as a Panchayat Secretary. Go watch this one if you are craving a light hearted – old school comedy.

Content partner: Amazon Prime

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Quick read on financial independence!

A very important advice I want to give to the young girls of this generation is that be independent. Be it your emotional dependence, your happiness quotient or your finances. Independence is the key to everything!

If you are capable of being on your own, then you will be the happiest version of yourself. I am saying this from personal experience. If you are self-sufficient then you will not worry about your spending habits, you will not have to ask for money from anyone for your personal expenses.

Source: Dreamstime

Even with your partner, life becomes smooth if you both are financially independent of each other; that way the only reason of sticking with each other would be that you love each other’s company. The relationships are happier that way and last longer. I am not saying they that those relationships will not require your efforts, attention or work, but this way at least the hurdles you face will be of different nature and not related to money matters and the complications/arguments/quarrels arising from that in your day to day life as well as your future plans for life.

Source: Google Images

That way no one can blame the other for the lack of happiness in one’s life, because let’s face it; money might not be everything but it is extremely important in this world for a successful human survival!

Indoor Plants

  1. ZZ plant: Zamioculcas zamiifolia is one of the easiest plants to take care of. They do not require frequent watering. It should not be overwatered. The plant requires medium to low indirect sunlight. It will work just fine in a low light spot as well. The plant does not attract any bugs or pests either. It’s a great option for the indoor plants. The best part about the plant is that it’s an air purifier plant.
Source: Google Images
  1. Snake Plant/ Mother-in-Law’s Tongue: This one is a succulent plant. The plant requires very little watering and indirect sunlight. It has number of health benefits including filtering the air inside the room. Along with that it removes the toxic pollutants from the air. It continues with conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen during the night as well. Fun fact is, is often called as Mother-In-Law’s tongue due to such shape of leaves.
Source: Google Images
  1. Lucky Bamboo: The scientific name goes by Dracaena Braunii. It is mostly popular in Asian countries. The plant is one which can survive adverse conditions and low lighting. This plant is mostly used for gifting purpose. It is often associated with Feng Shui. It represents elements of the Earth.
Source: Google Images
  1. Peace Lilies: As the name suggests it’s a plant with cute white lilies. The shape of the flower is that of a leaf. It has soothing effect on the eyes. The plant purifies the air, promotes peaceful sleep, and absorbs acetone vapours. It is a safe houseplant and best for bedroom due to its peace inducing nature.
Source: Google Images
  1. Red Aglaonema: One can never go wrong with this plant. It accepts the least care that is given from your end. It grows well in low light, bright light, even survives a few weeks without watering. Another benefit is it scores full marks on the aesthetics, they do an amazing job on looking good in your house. The plant purifies the air and makes the air a little humid through its breathing process.
Source: Google Images
  1. Burgundy Rubber Plant: The plant is in top ranks when it comes to the benefits. Not only it purifies the air, but gives resistance to pests and various diseases. It increases the humidity of the room in which it is placed. The perfect place for the plant would be a well-lit room with indirect sunlight on the plant. It does not require extensive watering as well.
Source: Google Images
  1. Swiss Cheese Plant: The scientific name of the plant is Monstera Deliciosa. The plant is popularly called the swiss cheese plant due to the shape of its leaves. The plant was a rage on the internet as an indoor plant which works as good décor too! It loves a warm and humid environment in the house. It requires good lighting as well. The plant will take care of you by improving air quality, collecting dust which otherwise would pollute the air and its humidity is good for the human respiratory system. 
Source: Google Images

5 books on my all-time favorite read list

1] The Harry Potter series by J K Rowling: Being a 90’s baby, it was my go to book each time I had a longing to read something which felt like home. Like J K Rowling said “Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” – this book and its characters have always been there to welcome me with a warm hug. Those who have not gotten a chance to read these books, I urge you to try to read at least one chapter from the first book and I am pretty sure you won’t regret it.


Source: Google Images

2]The Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi: Being an Indian, I have been exposed to so many stories and mythologies and so when Amish Tripathi came up with this concept of fictional books on Shiva, I was fascinated and intrigued. Oh man, the way these books capture the essence of the characters! Just amazing. Go read ‘em now!


Source: Google Images

3] Ikigai by Hector Garcia and Albert Liebermann: This book has become a raging trend on social media recently and rightly so! This book teaches you the way of living and guides you to live a happier, healthier and more satisfying life. It includes all the aspects which need to be covered in order to create a content life. You have to read it to better understand it and to believe it. I have already read it once and I am more than sure that I am going to read it again and again till I adapt to the changes that I want in my life.


Source: Google Images

4]Memories of Midnight by Sidney Sheldon: Now this one is such a thriller, and makes you read the next chapter never keeping the book down. It is somewhat predictable but still one of my favorites only because of the writing style of Sidney Sheldon. There are other books written by him which people might find better, but this one was one of the first books that I read written by him and so is very special to me.


Source: Google Images

5]The Camel Club series by David Baldacci: It is a crime novel series based in America. It is a 5 book series. Now all the books may not give you the maximum satisfaction of reading an excellent book but if you look at the overall experience of the book series then it is marvelous. Try this one if you are fond of genres –Crime, Suspense, Thriller.


Source: Google Images

Things you can spend money on..

The current pandemic situation has caught each and everyone of us off-guard. We all have had some plenty of time to look into our lives to improve our overall lifestyle. Finances are one of the most important aspect of our lives. So here are various options that can be bought to enhance your daily life.


It may sound pretty obvious talking about gadgets, but we simply can’t ignore the fact that how different gadgets have made their place in our day to day lives. New advancements are happening everyday and new products keep on launching, be it smart TVs, watches, speakers, ear pods, etc. some of which are actually useful to make our lives more comfortable. They have this personalized touch, which takes the whole experience on another level. So, spending on gadgets would be an investment to make the routine more convenient.

Source: Google Images

2. Hair/Skin Treatment

We all fancy some kind of makeovers. The hair or the skin treatment would be the best way out to get a complete refreshed version of yourself. Hair treatment options  vary from straightening, curls, colour treatment, new haircut,to what not. There are oodles of grooming services available for you to pamper yourself. As for skin treatment it would be showering yourself with love as our skin is continuously exposed to the polluted environment. Again, a lot of options here like microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, acne blue light therapy, etc. It would be a relaxing session for you and your skin.

Source: Google Images

3. Health Coach/ Nutritionist

Keeping oneself fit is now becoming a priority. There are so many fun options for this, Aerobics, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, etc. Exercise and diet are both important to stay fit and so there are many applications through which we can contact either a nutritionist or keep a track of our daily diet. Also enrolling into online classes for workout from home is an option many may prefer for the comfort and safety of their homes.

Source: Google Images

4. Insurance policy

Getting an insurance policy is an investment that would turnout to be helpful in the difficult times. There is always a certain amount of uncertainty about how things will go in life, but this could be your safety net which could help you when things go in a completely unknown direction.

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5. Cosmetic Products

Every person has certain type of skin, hair, etc. and it is very important to find products that suit you to the T. There are innumerable options available in the market for every product. Organic, clinically approved, vegan, paraben free, sulphate free, etc. It is important to form routines for our skin and hair and follow them religiously. This helps us maintain good health of our hair and ageless skin.

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Minimalism is back in trend

Cover Image

The times of pandemic have brought upon many changes in our life. Minimalistic lifestyle approach is one of them!

So what is really a necessity in life? A big question which presented itself in front of us and it was a much unexpected one! We were living life in our own little bubble, running around in circles, seeking validation from each and every person who had crossed our lives and taking inspirations and picking up habits from all around us.

We were not being fair to ourselves. So what if that colleague had a chic luxury handbag and that friend of yours got a pair of heels which costed thousands! It is not necessary that you own all that fancy and then only feel whole or confident/accomplished.

One big thing that we have learned during this pandemic is that life is very simple and in order to live happily with your loved ones, you do not need to own all the luxury items that the world has to offer you! Here we have compiled a list of fancy/expensive things that we no longer feel the need to splurge on. Have a look and share your thoughts with us!

1] A luxury handbag: A bag lover will always think that the wardrobe will be able to squeeze in 1 more bag! But in our heart we know that there is really no need of that. Spending bundles of cash on a single bag does not make sense anymore, at least to us. There are other options available which are good enough, branded – though not label stuff but still worthy of being on your arms!


Source: Google Images

2] That expensive pair of stilettos: In daily routine, we hardly wear stilettos. Neither at work nor at any random movie/dinner outing, are we going to use those heels!  There is no point in spending thousands of rupees on a single of pair of footwear which are not going to be used that often. Rather you can spend that much amount on multiple pairs of footwear which you will use more regularly or even a single one which has more use to it than those fancy ones!


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3] Insanely expensive Sunglasses:  A good pair of sunglasses is a must in anyone’s must have and we could not agree more with it. But owning a pair belonging to luxury brands selling those glasses at exorbitant rates is not a ‘must have’ at all. A good pair which is stylish and gives ample protection to your eyes is available at much lower prices too!


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4] Clothing items: Designer wear is always going to be expensive and sometimes it is even worth it, but owning only expensive clothes in your wardrobe is not a sign of being fashion conscious or does not guarantee that you are a fashionista. Sometimes, with the amount of single piece of garment, you can pay your electricity bill of 2 months or have a nice weekend trip at a 5 star resort with your loved ones! Just imagine! Even if you have that kind of money, why let it go on a casual piece of clothing when you can do so much more of your choice with that amount!


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5] Limited edition items: A huge marketing gimmick this is! Be it phones, clothing, perfumes, cars – anything at all, every industry uses this trick to sell their stuff at a higher price than usual. With slight changes than the routine merchandise, these products are sold at a handsome higher price than their normal counterparts. Sometimes, just an additional graphic detail qualifies as a limited edition product.  The adrenaline rush that humans get from owning something which is unique and in limited numbers helps the companies sell their items like hot cakes but according to us, there is no such necessity to own them and we can be just fine without adding them in our portfolio of our priced possessions!

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6] Watches:  Obsessed with watches we are and so it was a very heart breaking situation when we accepted the fact that the luxury watches that cost up to lacs of rupees are never going to be a part of necessities without which life cannot go on. Smart and chic and amazing watch pieces can be owned at lower prices too and this splurging on grand time pieces is a luxurious hobby that sadly we won’t be indulging in anymore! *sigh*


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Please please please do not get us wrong, we are not against any luxury brands or expensive items.

We, ourselves are guilty of owning many such things, but this new way of life that the widespread disease has thrown upon has changed our perspective on life and so this article was born.

We completely agree that it is an individual’s choice. The above piece of writing is purely a very personal set of opinions.

Activities you can pursue during your ‘Me time’ or your ‘Free’ time

1. Develop the habit of reading.

Start with a book on topic which already interests you. It could be thrillers, murder mysteries, motivational books, success stories – anything at all.

If you do not want a paperback, you can start with e books as well, that way your screen time will not only include mindless scrolling of various social media applications but something useful as well.

Book reading

Source: Google Images

2. Learn to play a game.

It could be as simple as a monopoly game, sequence, UNO cards or something more traditional like a game of carom.

This could become your family time instead of the daily dose of news which you take in while sitting in the living room.

Games are a fun way to bond with your family as it includes a lot of communication, jokes, laughter, shrieking at the top of your voice when you lose, throwing off the game board when you feel the game is not going in your favor, lol!

Just try this one out and you won’t regret it.

Board Game

Source: Google Images

3. Meditate or practice Yoga or go for a Run.

Now the above mentioned things might seem too obvious but I am very sure, most of us do not practice any of it.

It is very important to clear your mind off things which bother you and practicing either of the above mentioned things would help you do that.

Meditation may sound difficult in the beginning but with practice, it gets easier. Yoga again is something which you have to make a part of your life otherwise it is not something which anyone will be able to keep up with.

If at all you plan on running, be very careful about your existing health conditions and using the correct gear while you go on a run!


Source: Google Images

4. Have an antakshari or a Karaoke night on a regular basis.

Many of us like to sing for ourselves, and this kind of night just helps you to do that. If you do not have the space for a special karaoke set then an antakshari night is also super fun. You can just go on singing songs based on your liking and not make it a time based/point based competition.


Source: Google Images

5. Doodle/Paint/Sketch

Do whatever makes your creative juices flowing from the above mentioned activities or even other craft related activities. They are a major stress buster. Mind you, art is a very subjective field. Never consider your creation as inferior to someone else’s; in fact never ever compare your art to anybody else’s art.

Creativity is a personal thing, your art sometimes is a manifestation of your thoughts, dreams, fears, memories – it is your personal space and never let anyone intrude into that and tell you otherwise. People might make fun of your creations after having a look at those – create anyway if that is what makes you happy!


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That is it folks! Hope these mentioned activities help you out when you are stuck thinking about what to do to release the stress during your free time.

You can add your suggestions to this list too!

Until next time!


A Heartfelt Post

I have been thinking about writing something since so many days now!
Could not gather myself up and start typing though!

But today something happened and it shook me beyond measure; like a gate was opened inside of me which held so many emotions.

I read before a while about the passing away of Sushant Singh Rajput.
Now, even though he wasn’t one of my favourite actors or anything but still the news was way too shocking for me and I was stunned, speechless and heartbroken!
If the reports are to be believed then he was passing through a very rough mental health phase.

This entire corona situation has been tough on everyone. It does not matter which class you belong to, who you are, it has affected everyone, may be not equally but substantially for sure. The pandemic has been very cruel to a majority of the people.
A lot of people have lost their homes, jobs, many do not have even food on their tables. The problems are numerous.
A lot of them have home quarantined alone with no emotional support system. The loneliness is killing in such circumstances.
Now, the physical health is affected in these times if you are affected by the virus but the mental health is affected even if you are not a Corona virus patient.

Most of us have become irritable and we are ready to tear each other up; all we need is one little push and boom – we will explode like a volcano.
Even though we laugh these incidents off by making a lot of memes but the sad truth is that we need each other more than ever.

Mental health is a very under addressed issue world-wide and all the more in India.
There is a certain stigma attached to the word – ‘mental health’. It does not mean you are a mad or a crazy person.
People are ashamed to talk about it and this needs to change.
Agreed that things are changing but way too slowly than it is needed.

This competitive world around us, a constant need to prove one’ self, a constant race that the humans have started themselves, has finally taken a toll. We really need to slow down in life.
It is not a mad rat race – this life! It is precious and we need to treat it that way.
There is so much more to life than meets the eye, than what we have made up of it.

The empathy, sympathy, compassion, kindness have become mere words in the dictionary!
I wonder if the next generation would even know what these words mean in real life or if they will have to google it to know their meanings!

It is not easy to live under constant pressure and stress with the utmost need to prove one’s worth to the world!
But what is this world, really? And who are we proving ourselves to?

With the entire world becoming easily accessible with the internet and social media, the real connect to people is lost.
In the excitement of reaching all the people of the world, we have forgotten the joy of being with the ones who are around us every single day.
Depression, anxiety, sadness, fatigue – all these have become like chronic diseases of our lives and we fail to acknowledge them.
Does being in denial of them actually help?
Acceptance is the key, my lovelies! 💗

It is nothing to be ashamed of. No one will belittle you, and if someone does that, you know that those toxic people should have no place in your little world.
Pick that phone up and call your family, talk to them about it.
Please understand you are not bugging them by doing this. They are your people and they will love nothing more than you trusting them with your problems and struggles of life.
A lot of us are blessed with a great set of family and friends. If you are one of them then make the most of it!
Agreed, that there will be a lot of difference of opinions and squabbles with the closest ones of our lives but when push comes to shove, they will be the ones having our backs always and forever!

I am writing this, hoping it will reach at least one soul who needs to read it and if I am able to help even 10% in the process of healing them, then it is completely worth it!

Be kind, no matter what! Just, be kind.

Much love always,
The k syndrome

Benefits of Suryanamaskar

Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation) is one of the most beneficial exercises that one can perform. It is a prayer which signifies the importance of Sun in our lives. It comprises of 12 steps, if those 12 steps are performed appropriately then it is equivalent to 288 powerful Yoga postures! Isn’t that amazing! Suryanamaskar has always had an important position in the Yoga world.


We have always tried to explore various ways to keep our fitness levels in check. Suryanamaskar was always on the list. But in these trying times that the world is facing during the pandemic, we have realized that amongst many forms of exercises that one can do, Suryanamaskar is unique in its own way. It is one exercise that can be performed by everyone, does not need any equipment, age no bar and has multiple health benefits.

Let’s take a look at some advantages of performing it regularly.

  1. Enhances weight loss

Weight loss

2. Toned Body and increase in flexibility


3. Glowing skin

Glowing skin

4. Increases energy levels and awareness levels


5. Better absorption of nutrients

Selection of healthy rich fiber sources vegan food for cooking

6. Ensures regular menstrual cycle


7. Reduces anxiety and enhances emotional stability



Ruling Color Palette of SS 2020

The New Year brings along with it lots of fresh hopes, promises, dreams and also a whole new color palette in terms of fashion! Haha!

This year too the same pattern repeats itself and the colors for this Spring/Summer are out. After a very long time, this year will see a lot of bright colors along with pastels and darker tones too.

Let us get down to which colors are going to rule the runway fashion this summer and also slowly creep into the street side fashion in the subsequent months.

  1. Scarlet

Flame Scarlet

Source:Google Images

This is a welcome change from all the pastel colors that we have been wearing since the last couple of years. We have been waiting for this kind of bright color to make way back in the game since forever now.


  1. Faded Denim

Untitled design

Source:Google Images

We find this color to be very soothing to the eyes and very chic. You can use this one either for your formal attires or the casual ones, both types of outfits can be rocked with this shade.


  1. Biscay Green

Biscay Green

Source:Google Images

It is such a pretty color and it looks very refreshing once you wear it as a garment. Pair it with a dash of pink and you are all set to sport a look which is all things pretty.


  1. Chive


Source:Google Images

It is such a rich, dark shade of green. Been there in Indian traditional outfits since last season, this year it is going to rule the casual western wear too. Pair it smartly with a variety of color options and nothing will look classier!


  1. White

White 1

Source:Google Images

The famous classic white is back in the game and how! Pick any fabric, any cut, any style and white will always make you look good. Moreover, with the temperatures soaring, nothing will quite beat the heat like the cool white and its tones.


  1. Saffron

Saffron 2 

Source:Google Images

Now this one was a surprise package. For starters, it is a very bright color and very tricky to carry. But once you get the hold of it, you will look smashing carrying this one!


  1. Coral Pink

Coral Pink

Source:Google Images


Continuing the pastel trend is the coral pink in the palette of SS 2020. It is a very cute shade and it makes you look very adorable.


  1. Grape compote

Grape Compote

Source:Google Images

Giving company to Chive in the darker colors department is our very own grape compote color. It is not the one which would feature in everyone’s favorite list but a very welcome change in the palette this one is!














5 essentials a girl should carry in her handbag!

A girl’s handbag is a secret stash of things. You will find things in there which one would have never imagined! So here we go giving full gyaan on what all things you must carry in the handbag!


1] Lip Balm: It is such a basic thing but is a life savior. When you are for long hours, your lips tend to get dry and lose the moisture resulting into chapped lips. Get a lip balm which suits you and say goodbye to chapped lips problem. It can even work as a base before you reapply your lipstick before that important meeting!



2] A moisturizer: It is something which I personally think is very important to carry along in the bag as I have a very dry skin which tends to dry out even more in the sun and pollution.



3] Wet wipes/Facial Tissues: It is something which is very helpful when you are going to be out for long hours and there is a possibility that you will not get a chance to freshen up during the entire day.

Wet wipes


4] A bottle of fragrance: So, body odour is a big no no for me and that is the reason that I keep a little bottle of perfume/mist in my bag always in case of emergencies. Whether it is a day out or a routine office day, it would not hurt to keep a little magic liquid in your bag!


5] Cash/Card: This is the last on my list but the most important of all. I like to step out of the house feeling carefree and independent and the cash/card help me in feeling that. Wherever you go, in today’s world, the survival is extremely difficult without money and so I like to keep that with me at all times possible.


5 wardrobe essentials every girl must have!

Let’s do this people! After a very long sabbatical, we have decided to be active here now.

Now, I know this is all going to sound very cliche and quite obvious but you gotta have what you gotta have! Cannot skip on these essentials.



1] A classic Blue Denim: This is a must in every girl’s wardrobe, no matter what the trends are currently. A blue Denim can save you from any situation; whether you pair it with a party top for a house party or a casual tee for running errands, your blue denim is there to save your day!


2] A black dress: This one is a classic and you can never go wrong with this one! A black dress does not necessarily mean a short and tight and the LBD which usually people refer to! It could be a simple shift dress as well, with fancy sleeves or sexy back pattern. Whatever sails your boat! You could carry it off on a movie night, a date, a fine dine place.


3] A cool jacket: Now this one is rather tricky because there are so many types of jackets which are available in the market. There is bomber jacket, there is denim jacket, there is leather jacket and so many more. A jacket can do wonders for the outfit. If you want to up a casual look, throw in a jacket; if you are not sure about the top then too jacket is there for you.


4] A stole: Now this one I am not sure how many of you will be able to relate to, but for me personally this has worked wonders over the years! A good stole can do wonders to your outfit and overall look. The stoles can be of many prints and fabrics but my personal favorite is a good handloom stole with color block patterns in neutral shades so that it can go with every outfit that I wear.


5] A basic solid color T shirt: This may sound very plain but trust me it is of utmost importance. Whether you have a party top in your closet or not but a solid color basic t shirt is a must. Feeling under weather but still need to step out? Throw on your basic T shirt and you are good to go! Going on a road trip? Need something chic yet comfy? You have your solid color basic T shirt for the rescue. Not feeling very upbeat about getting dressed up for that movie night? You have a garment in your wardrobe to save you. These and many more such instances have one solution in common and that is your basic T shirt.


Note :- Photos Courtesy : Google

Reasons why should you sign up for a Bridal Styling package?

Reasons why should you sign up for a Bridal Styling package?


First things first, Bridal Styling Package does not only mean Make up and Skin betterment sessions.

Bridal Styling includes everything from choosing the smallest pin that goes into your hair to the trousseau that you will adorn on the most special day of your life! Amidst the chaos that surrounds a typical Indian wedding, it is advisable that you appoint yourself a Bridal Stylist to help you with all your D-day styling queries.

1] With all the running around even for the smallest of things, hunting for the perfect places to shop your look becomes taxing. You already have all the Flowerwalas, Caterers, ‘The Guests’ etc. to take care of; that is where a Bridal Stylist steps in! He/She will not only scout for the perfect places to look for your bridal dress but also will arrange for the perfect make up solutions, Hair dos etc. for the bride.

2] A Bridal Stylist is your one stop shop for the entire range of functions that you have lined up and even beyond. The consultant will not only help you to shop for your wedding dress but also assist you in your shopping for casuals, shoes, bags, make-up and everything a bride can imagine to buy!


3] It is the dream of every bride to look and feel like a million bucks on her special day but the budget varies from person to person. That however, should never act as a barrier to a bride and stop her from looking her best! A Bridal Consultant is an expert in his/her field and so will help you get the required set of essentials in your budget.


4] A Bridal Stylist has an eye for what suits you the best based on your Body type, Hair Type, Skin Type and so will accordingly suggest you what color palette should you be looking at while choosing your outfits! The consultant will also help you choose the best pieces of jewellery that will match your outfit and most importantly – your personality! The kind of make-up that should be worn and the hair styles which will enhance your face are also shortlisted by the Bridal Consultant!


In these times, Bridal Styling no more remains a luxury; it is more of a necessity with the brides-to-be working full times until the last week of their wedding! The consultants charge a certain percentage of your budget and so their fees depend entirely on how elaborately you plan your wedding. Shedding a few extra bucks for this can save you a lot of time and money and it will ensure that you rock your grand day in a manner unmatched!


5 reasons you need a personal stylist/shopper to make your life simpler



1] A personal stylist will make you realise your own style quotient. Each person has his/her own personality traits and it is best that they carry themselves in accordance with those traits. Your personal stylist/shopper will make you realise the very reason that you needed a stylist!

2] It is very important to know the loopholes in anything if you want to beat that thing. Same is the case with your wardrobe woes! If you want to know what is wrong with your current wardrobe, rather what is missing in your current closet then a personal stylist is who you need.

3] Your own stylist will study your personality, lifestyle, your nature, your likes and dislikes, your social circle, your professional requirements and make an entire chart to follow! Ahh, how cool does that sound! A stylist is born to make you feel great about yourself and so will help you sort your wardrobe which will make you shine the brightest of ‘em all!

4] Having a personal shopping assistant/ stylist will help you to shop what is needed and that too well within your budget. As an added advantage, you also get to buy what is in trend and what is going to stay in trend for sometime ensuring that you do not waste your money on some fad which will fade away in a couple months.

5] One of the main reasons you need someone to help you with the wardrobe woes is time constraint. In this fast paced world, with the professional and personal commitments taking a hefty amount of your time, it is naturally impossible for you to keep a tab on how to look your best each time you step out!


A stylist is only as good as his/her client! A client has to walk hand in hand with the stylist in order to get the best results. While you book an appointment with your stylist make sure that you have your list of requirements ready. This will make the entire ride a fun filled and exciting journey!

So, go ahead get yourself a personal stylist/shopper and make your lives only a bit easier than they already are! *wink wink*

See you soon!