2020 is flying by in front of our eyes

A lot of us are now so fed up this year that we just want it to vanish – pooofff!!! Correct?

We can totally understand the feeling as we too sail in the same boat.

At the same time, we also believe that we should not forget all the things that 2020 taught us – some by force, some we learnt on our own and through our own experiences.

So, before we bid goodbye to this strange year, some points that we should carry with us to the next year and for the years following that.

1] Fill your life with more and more moments spent with your closed ones.

The best asset of our lives is the people we have in our own little world. Be it our parents, siblings or partners – nothing and absolutely no amount of wealth matches the level of joy and peace that these relationships can provide you with!

Of course chase your dreams and build your dream life –but make sure this bunch of people is in it, closest to you otherwise everything might feel meaningless!

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2] Carpe Diem.

One thing we all learnt in this year is that life is so damn unpredictable and it is not healthy for anyone to dwell too much on the future. What we have is today and so we should literally make the most of it. Live each day as it is the best day of your life and try to make it as beautiful as possible.

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3] Healthy body and mind should be a priority and not an option.

Suddenly when the pandemic hit the world – the word immunity and fitness became synonymous with every conversation. But my dears, is it only this pandemic which requires us to be fit and healthy? Isn’t immunity and good health a goal otherwise?

If not, then it should be. Better late than never!

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4] Let go, be kind.

This world needs more kindness and there is no two ways about it. Humanity needs a revival in its approach. Being considerate and empathetic is the need of the hour.

Just let go of little things and misunderstandings and look at the bigger picture. Trying this will definitely make your life more peaceful. This does not mean that you should not take a stand for what’s wrong but it means that one should choose their battles wisely- not every situation is worth taking up a stand for!

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5] Minimalism is the way ahead.

Lockdown during the pandemic taught us what the basic necessities of life are. We have become so obsessed with our possessions that we are blinded by them. What should be truly a part of our life and what is completely unnecessary – we are not capable enough anymore to judge that.

So many options are thrown at us that we tend to collect stuff which we throw off ultimately as it expires, sometimes without even using it once.

It is very important that we control the splurge on things even though we can afford them. As much as we would love to have variety in everything – the world resources are only finite and so it is in the best interest of everyone that we learn this lesson the soonest!

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Hope you all could connect with our heartfelt 2020 penned down in a few words! Toodles!

How to survive a bad day!

We all have to agree that there are some days when you wake up groggy and as the day passes you feel more and more miserable. Of course it is okay to feel that way sometimes, but many a times we do not have the luxury to wallow in self-pity even on such odd days.

So how to survive that day?

Well, here’s sharing our tried and tested ways to pass the gloomy day and wait for a brighter next morning!

  1. Start your day with meditation/yoga or a light walk in the fresh air. Even if you are not a regular practitioner of yoga/meditation, give it a shot on such days, it will definitely fill you up with energy!

You could go out for a walk in a park nearby or if your society has one, you can use that. Soak in some sunshine and breathe in some fresh air – both of these have become such rare things in our busy lifestyles that getting some of them would make you feel instantly pumped up about life as we know it.

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  1. If you have a job that requires you to work from home then you have the liberty of working in your own twisted ways. Take little 5 minutes break every hour and walk around in the house. Talk to someone close to you for 5 minutes in that break; talk about anything at all in the world – may be even politics in Brazil haha!
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  1. If you have a fairly long commute to your work, listen to music while on the way. Any kind of music – soothing, loud, blasting your ears, romantic! That will help you to calm your nerves and feel better in a way that you will be able to pass your day in a better frame of mind.
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  1. Engage yourself in as much work as possible; do not keep your mind free. On such days, it is a normal human tendency to go on a thought train and overthink. Do not let that happen or else a bad day will turn into a worse one. Keep yourself occupied in one thing or another and that is the key to stay away from any negativity that might seep in.
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  1. Plan your evening; not necessarily a fancy night but it could be a quiet dinner watching your favorite classic movie on the couch. Eating your favorite food could up your spirits or at least provide you with some comfort, in a way uplifting your low day a little higher.
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  1. Read your favorite book with a scented candle lighted on your side table and you cuddled in your cozy comforter. Nothing better than reading a good book and melting into the book world and forgetting the real world and its worries on a bad day.
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Let us know if any of the above mentioned things you found helpful! You could even share your little secrets about how you uplift your low days!

Until next time…