5 essentials a girl should carry in her handbag!

A girl’s handbag is a secret stash of things. You will find things in there which one would have never imagined! So here we go giving full gyaan on what all things you must carry in the handbag!


1] Lip Balm: It is such a basic thing but is a life savior. When you are for long hours, your lips tend to get dry and lose the moisture resulting into chapped lips. Get a lip balm which suits you and say goodbye to chapped lips problem. It can even work as a base before you reapply your lipstick before that important meeting!



2] A moisturizer: It is something which I personally think is very important to carry along in the bag as I have a very dry skin which tends to dry out even more in the sun and pollution.



3] Wet wipes/Facial Tissues: It is something which is very helpful when you are going to be out for long hours and there is a possibility that you will not get a chance to freshen up during the entire day.

Wet wipes


4] A bottle of fragrance: So, body odour is a big no no for me and that is the reason that I keep a little bottle of perfume/mist in my bag always in case of emergencies. Whether it is a day out or a routine office day, it would not hurt to keep a little magic liquid in your bag!


5] Cash/Card: This is the last on my list but the most important of all. I like to step out of the house feeling carefree and independent and the cash/card help me in feeling that. Wherever you go, in today’s world, the survival is extremely difficult without money and so I like to keep that with me at all times possible.