Our top 5 comfort foods!

We will give you a fair warning about this list is going to include majorly high calorie food, lol! Read at your own risk and then keep on dreaming about it while drooling!

We all have different ways of coping with life. We choose food for every situation that we come across in life – as they say food is BAE!

Food helps us function better and make sense of life. We literally believe in “Live to eat.”

1] A good chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream : This combination can never go wrong for us. Whatever the mood might be, a slice of chocolate cake always helps.

It has been a constant companion in our celebrations of joy, sorrows, gloomy days, failures – everything!

Source: Google Images

2]  Khichdi: Now, this one might surprise a lot of you, but trust us a warm bowl of khichdi with a dollop of ghee can comfort you like nothing else can. It is not comfort food; we call it soul food!

It is like chicken soup for an Indian soul which gives you full guarantee of a happy and satisfied tummy and a good night’s sleep.

Source: Google Images

3] Aloo vegetable sandwich : This sandwich from some local shops along with tomato sauce and sev on top is just pure bliss. It has super natural powers of calming the anger and provide instant uplifting of mood.

Source: Google Images

4] Indian style desi Italian pizza : There is one particular joint in the city we are based out of – called Jasuben pizza. They serve bhakhri based pizza with tomato gravy, onion, capsicum and loads of amul cheese (non baked) as toppings.

We could gobble down at least 2 at a time and still be craving for more – it is that gooood!

Source: Google Images

5] French fries: Well, this one’s a no brainer, really! Food which has been a part of our childhood, teenage madness and adulthood craziness! Fries have never left our side – come what may! Birthday parties or bachelorettes – they have seen it all!

A true companion at every stage in life – this one sure is last on the list but not the least.

Source: Google Images

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