The instagram handles that we completely looveeee!!!

Well, we all might love it might hate it but the fact still stands tall that we all love our social media time. Some of us spend very little time, some of us dedicate a huge chunk of time to it but they are hardly some people who are completely off the social media roller coaster ride!

So, we planned to list down a few Instagram accounts/blogs/handles whose content we loveee!

1] Kusha Kapila: She is the first one on our list. The reason is simple. She is hilarious! Just go check her page. Her stories will make you crack like anything. We have been her fan since her “South Delhi girls” videos. There came a time when she became a viral sensation on social media and the characters that she played online became so damn famous!

Insta Handle: kushakapila

2] Mishti and meat: This Instagram handle is owned by Shramona Poddar. We just love her feed. The photos she puts up there and the stories behind them – amazingly beautiful. We are a big fan of her writing. If you are a fan of good captions and love reading, then check her account for sure and you will thank us later!

Insta Handle: mishit.and.meat

Source: Google Images

3] Travel with searats: It is handled by a couple – Rashmee and Anant. We have been following their journey from the time when they had just started their space on Instagram. Ofcourse, they have grown by leaps and bounds since then! If you have that travelling ka keeda in you then you must follow them. They out up their travel experiences beautifully and not all their travel expeditions are luxury ones so if you have a budget when you travel then have a look at their handle and you will surely get a good amount of guidance from there.

Insta Handle: travelwithsearats

Source Images: Google Images

4] Shivesh Bhatia:  He is a food blogger and a self-taught baker. We have made innumerable desserts following his recipes and they have turned out to be yummm! The recipes are extremely easy to follow; trust us because we are as naïve in baking as you guys, but still we could make our tummies happy by satisfying the dessert cravings with delicious desserts made by self. Haha!

Insta Handle: shivesh17

Source: Google Images

5]  Haram_khor by Ganesh Vanare: He clicks some extraordinary photographs which need no description. The photos themselves speak to you and tell a story. His feed would take you on a thousand-mile-long journey from which you would not want to come back to the reality! Just have a look at his instagram handle once, if you haven’t already!

Insta Handle: haram_khor_

Now likes and dislikes are very subjective, so may be some of you might not be in assent with us for the choice of our list but hey, you could tell us your favorites too. Who knows we too might like them!

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