Ruling Color Palette of SS 2020

The New Year brings along with it lots of fresh hopes, promises, dreams and also a whole new color palette in terms of fashion! Haha!

This year too the same pattern repeats itself and the colors for this Spring/Summer are out. After a very long time, this year will see a lot of bright colors along with pastels and darker tones too.

Let us get down to which colors are going to rule the runway fashion this summer and also slowly creep into the street side fashion in the subsequent months.

  1. Scarlet

Flame Scarlet

Source:Google Images

This is a welcome change from all the pastel colors that we have been wearing since the last couple of years. We have been waiting for this kind of bright color to make way back in the game since forever now.


  1. Faded Denim

Untitled design

Source:Google Images

We find this color to be very soothing to the eyes and very chic. You can use this one either for your formal attires or the casual ones, both types of outfits can be rocked with this shade.


  1. Biscay Green

Biscay Green

Source:Google Images

It is such a pretty color and it looks very refreshing once you wear it as a garment. Pair it with a dash of pink and you are all set to sport a look which is all things pretty.


  1. Chive


Source:Google Images

It is such a rich, dark shade of green. Been there in Indian traditional outfits since last season, this year it is going to rule the casual western wear too. Pair it smartly with a variety of color options and nothing will look classier!


  1. White

White 1

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The famous classic white is back in the game and how! Pick any fabric, any cut, any style and white will always make you look good. Moreover, with the temperatures soaring, nothing will quite beat the heat like the cool white and its tones.


  1. Saffron

Saffron 2 

Source:Google Images

Now this one was a surprise package. For starters, it is a very bright color and very tricky to carry. But once you get the hold of it, you will look smashing carrying this one!


  1. Coral Pink

Coral Pink

Source:Google Images


Continuing the pastel trend is the coral pink in the palette of SS 2020. It is a very cute shade and it makes you look very adorable.


  1. Grape compote

Grape Compote

Source:Google Images

Giving company to Chive in the darker colors department is our very own grape compote color. It is not the one which would feature in everyone’s favorite list but a very welcome change in the palette this one is!