Colours of SS 21

As we enter in the new year, we see a lot of changes happening around us! Change is something that all of us are looking forward to in this new year. The colour trends are just telling the same story.

The colour trends for the Spring Summer 2021 released by Pantone are a treat for the sore eyes.

Without building much mystery around it, let’s dive into the 8 colours of the Power Surge Palette by Pantone for SS21.

  1. Red Maple:

This colour speaks a lot. It is the colour of courage, passion, love, and sacrifice. It is not too loud but at the same time stands out for sure. The maple tone in this colour gives a warm vibe about it.

  1. Nobility:

The nobility colour is a shade of Blue. It is on the brighter end of the colour blue. The colour pops out! It gives the sense of trust, security and loyalty. The colour signifies responsibility and reliability. It’s like a new blue colour.

  1. Iced Mango:

This is a new and fun colour! This colour is a bridge of the pastel tones of the past few seasons with a dash of this season’s trend of the bright colours. Iced Mango gives out the perfect summery feels.

  1. Boudoir Red:

Another tone on the dark end of the palette. The boudoir red colour looks stylish, elegant and classy, all at the same time. This shade of red is not something that is seen often. Adorning this colour will ensure that you turn a few heads in your direction!

  1. Lime Zest:

As the name describes this colour is zesty, vibrant and fresh. It symbolizes happiness, optimism, energy and clarity. We are so thrilled to see this colour on outfits and how stylists’ style it with other colours.

  1. Siesta:

Siesta is the cutest shade amongst this palette. It is somewhere on the lines of peachy pink. The colour reminds of the sunset sky from the beach. It’s a beautiful shade of pink.

  1. Pepper Stem:

The pepper stem colour is a shade of green. This colour looks like 2 tones lighter of the bottle green colour. The colour is soothing, relaxing and youthful. This colour can be played around with a lot in the accessories.

  1. Fairy Wing:

This colour is all magic! It is a pastel shade of pink-purple colour which we have been seeing for the past few years. It is a super cute colour which has a very girly vibe about it.

This is all about the Pantone SS21 palette from us. We are super psyched seeing all these colours!

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