Realizations in 2020

We have come to such a point in life where every realization, every situation, every incident ultimately makes us think about life in general – in retrospect.

COVID has changed the way we view things. What things are worth our time and which deserve to be ignored and laughed at!

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We tend to get upset over the silliest of things and waste our happy moments and days being grumpy about things which are not going to matter in the long run. But recent times have changed the way we deal with life.

We have become less concerned about what people will think if we do not behave a certain way or in line with the norms decided by the society! We have come to give a pass to other people as well and not hold a grudge against them for petty happenings.

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The small social circles have become even smaller. We have started taking things on a lighter note more often – which is very good because every little thing should not carry so much of weight and importance.

We have started becoming more forgiving and kind to each other and most importantly –  to ourselves. The part of the world where we come from – we are used to being so harsh on ourselves. We need to change that and be more accepting and less judgmental of our own selves.

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We are blessed with this beautiful form of life and we should try and make the most of it.

Future is uncertain –this sentence never made so much sense until the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world!

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Goodbye 2020, we had so much to learn from you!

Welcome 2021, we await with you new hopes and dreams in our hearts!

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