Quick read on financial independence!

A very important advice I want to give to the young girls of this generation is that be independent. Be it your emotional dependence, your happiness quotient or your finances. Independence is the key to everything!

If you are capable of being on your own, then you will be the happiest version of yourself. I am saying this from personal experience. If you are self-sufficient then you will not worry about your spending habits, you will not have to ask for money from anyone for your personal expenses.

Source: Dreamstime

Even with your partner, life becomes smooth if you both are financially independent of each other; that way the only reason of sticking with each other would be that you love each other’s company. The relationships are happier that way and last longer. I am not saying they that those relationships will not require your efforts, attention or work, but this way at least the hurdles you face will be of different nature and not related to money matters and the complications/arguments/quarrels arising from that in your day to day life as well as your future plans for life.

Source: Google Images

That way no one can blame the other for the lack of happiness in one’s life, because let’s face it; money might not be everything but it is extremely important in this world for a successful human survival!

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