The instagram handles that we completely looveeee!!!

Well, we all might love it might hate it but the fact still stands tall that we all love our social media time. Some of us spend very little time, some of us dedicate a huge chunk of time to it but they are hardly some people who are completely off the social media roller coaster ride!

So, we planned to list down a few Instagram accounts/blogs/handles whose content we loveee!

1] Kusha Kapila: She is the first one on our list. The reason is simple. She is hilarious! Just go check her page. Her stories will make you crack like anything. We have been her fan since her “South Delhi girls” videos. There came a time when she became a viral sensation on social media and the characters that she played online became so damn famous!

Insta Handle: kushakapila

2] Mishti and meat: This Instagram handle is owned by Shramona Poddar. We just love her feed. The photos she puts up there and the stories behind them – amazingly beautiful. We are a big fan of her writing. If you are a fan of good captions and love reading, then check her account for sure and you will thank us later!

Insta Handle: mishit.and.meat

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3] Travel with searats: It is handled by a couple – Rashmee and Anant. We have been following their journey from the time when they had just started their space on Instagram. Ofcourse, they have grown by leaps and bounds since then! If you have that travelling ka keeda in you then you must follow them. They out up their travel experiences beautifully and not all their travel expeditions are luxury ones so if you have a budget when you travel then have a look at their handle and you will surely get a good amount of guidance from there.

Insta Handle: travelwithsearats

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4] Shivesh Bhatia:  He is a food blogger and a self-taught baker. We have made innumerable desserts following his recipes and they have turned out to be yummm! The recipes are extremely easy to follow; trust us because we are as naïve in baking as you guys, but still we could make our tummies happy by satisfying the dessert cravings with delicious desserts made by self. Haha!

Insta Handle: shivesh17

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5]  Haram_khor by Ganesh Vanare: He clicks some extraordinary photographs which need no description. The photos themselves speak to you and tell a story. His feed would take you on a thousand-mile-long journey from which you would not want to come back to the reality! Just have a look at his instagram handle once, if you haven’t already!

Insta Handle: haram_khor_

Now likes and dislikes are very subjective, so may be some of you might not be in assent with us for the choice of our list but hey, you could tell us your favorites too. Who knows we too might like them!

Benefits of practicing Hobbies

Hobby. Hobby is an activity that a person does in their own time and for their own liking. Hobby could be anything from sports, art, crafts, music to cooking, sewing, knitting, etc. Hobbies are of course for leisure and free time, but it has a few benefits attached to it as well!  Pursuing a hobby can be actually beneficial for your health as well as in your career. Let’s see the top 5 benefits that it has.

  1. Hobbies can keep your health in better shape.

Hobbies help you keep fit physically as well mentally. They work as a stress buster. These activities are not on any compulsory task list and so it makes the activity more enjoyable, hence making a positive impact on the health.

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  1. Hobbies makes you take a break for yourself.

In these constantly changing times, where everyone is in a rush, we often forget to take some time out for ourselves. Developing a hobby and practising it regularly makes sure that we take some time out consciously for our own nurturing. This helps us connect with ourselves on a deeper level.

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  1. Hobbies helps you improve your career.

Practising a hobby makes you better at handling work-life balance. This also helps us think more creatively in any situation. Hobbies take our minds off of the routine lives which recharges us to take on the upcoming week or day with new energy levels.

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  1. Hobbies can be your medium to meet new people and give back to the society.

Hobbies can eventually make you join some groups or clubs of the similar kind. This becomes a medium for us to meet new people, make friends, learn more about the activity, and much more. Mentoring about the activity, volunteering and teaching about the hobby can be a way to give back to the society, while loving every bit of the process.

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  1. Hobbies makes you more mindful and present in the moment.

Hobbies help you focus on the task at hand and not think about the various other things that maybe happening in your life. Activities demand concentration from you which makes you more mindful about the present moment. Such concentration can help the mind to centre and let the stressful thoughts go away.

Hobbies can be any activity that you enjoy. It can be painting, playing a sport, learning new languages, photography, pottery, and much more. Developing and practicing a hobby has so many benefits all while having fun and loving it.

Bare minimal of makeup essentials

Let us all agree on one point: Not all of us are fans of heavy makeup but still like some basic decking up.

Presenting here a list of products which according to us, makes up for the basic items which if included in your vanity, should be enough for your basic makeup routine.

1) Kajal: Even though it is the most basic and simple thing that your vanity can have; it has multiple advantages to it!

Firstly, it can enhance your already pretty looking eyes. Secondly it can save your day when you are not feeling up to the mark, just one stroke and your sad looking face will light up – or at least it will seem so to people around you!

Source: Google Images

2) Lip Gloss:  This little stick works wonders when you are not a lipstick fan and still want something more than just a plain lip balm. Agreed, that it has been in and out of trend in the past few years.

But hey, when has trend affected the nude lip gloss users anyway!

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3) A gel based eye liner: Liner and Kajal are quite a pair! If one of them is missing, the other one fills the void with quite ease. Quite a lot of them are waterproof and so easy to apply and easier to remove without any mess around those gorgeous eyes!

We personally find gel liners to be super smooth – application wise. A liquid one is extremely difficult to handle (we are talking about makeup essentials here so pro makeup people; please be kind!)

Source Images: Google Images

4) BB cream/Basic foundation: This one is a little tricky we agree as it includes choosing the perfect product based on your skin tone. Plus, if you are not a makeup fan then you might fight them to be a little too much; but trust us they are not!

BB creams are a tad easier to apply than the foundations and they give you one even tone on your skin. Foundations too are not that complex and with the use of a beauty blender, can blend quite effortlessly.

Though, you can completely skip either of these for your daily use if you are not comfortable with them.

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5) Makeup remover: This item should never be skipped. However, light the products might be, they must be removed before you go off to bed. All the good brands have their own variants of this and you can go with whichever product suits your skin the best.

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Importance of Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations. Most of us must have come across this term especially after what the world is going through right now. So just for starters, positive affirmations are positive phrases or sentences about one to keep the negative thoughts and stressful thoughts at bay. Those statements are not something that you just tell yourself, but you have to believe in them as well.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Positive affirmations are not some magic, but a practice that we can develop to reap the multiple benefits they have to offer. Positive affirmations help us to become more resilient towards the difficult situations which everyone faces in their lives at some or the other point.

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So, let’s jump to the part where we talk about its benefits.

1. Increase in self-confidence

2. Helps improve self-esteem

3. Lessens frustration and anger

4. Calmer approach towards various situations

5. Increase in productivity

6. Helps in stopping procrastination

7. Helps in overcoming bad habits

8. Overall well-being of the mental and physical health

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These are the few benefits which have been experienced by people who have cultivated this habit of positive affirmations in their daily lives. Initially it can seem awkward to talk to ourselves out loud in such a manner, but when we say it out loud in our own voice, there is a higher chance of our brain registering it as an important event, which eventually will make it easier to believe in what we say.