Bare minimal of makeup essentials

Let us all agree on one point: Not all of us are fans of heavy makeup but still like some basic decking up.

Presenting here a list of products which according to us, makes up for the basic items which if included in your vanity, should be enough for your basic makeup routine.

1) Kajal: Even though it is the most basic and simple thing that your vanity can have; it has multiple advantages to it!

Firstly, it can enhance your already pretty looking eyes. Secondly it can save your day when you are not feeling up to the mark, just one stroke and your sad looking face will light up – or at least it will seem so to people around you!

Source: Google Images

2) Lip Gloss:  This little stick works wonders when you are not a lipstick fan and still want something more than just a plain lip balm. Agreed, that it has been in and out of trend in the past few years.

But hey, when has trend affected the nude lip gloss users anyway!

Source: Google Images

3) A gel based eye liner: Liner and Kajal are quite a pair! If one of them is missing, the other one fills the void with quite ease. Quite a lot of them are waterproof and so easy to apply and easier to remove without any mess around those gorgeous eyes!

We personally find gel liners to be super smooth – application wise. A liquid one is extremely difficult to handle (we are talking about makeup essentials here so pro makeup people; please be kind!)

Source Images: Google Images

4) BB cream/Basic foundation: This one is a little tricky we agree as it includes choosing the perfect product based on your skin tone. Plus, if you are not a makeup fan then you might fight them to be a little too much; but trust us they are not!

BB creams are a tad easier to apply than the foundations and they give you one even tone on your skin. Foundations too are not that complex and with the use of a beauty blender, can blend quite effortlessly.

Though, you can completely skip either of these for your daily use if you are not comfortable with them.

Source: Google Images

5) Makeup remover: This item should never be skipped. However, light the products might be, they must be removed before you go off to bed. All the good brands have their own variants of this and you can go with whichever product suits your skin the best.

Source: Google Images

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