Indoor Plants

  1. ZZ plant: Zamioculcas zamiifolia is one of the easiest plants to take care of. They do not require frequent watering. It should not be overwatered. The plant requires medium to low indirect sunlight. It will work just fine in a low light spot as well. The plant does not attract any bugs or pests either. It’s a great option for the indoor plants. The best part about the plant is that it’s an air purifier plant.
Source: Google Images
  1. Snake Plant/ Mother-in-Law’s Tongue: This one is a succulent plant. The plant requires very little watering and indirect sunlight. It has number of health benefits including filtering the air inside the room. Along with that it removes the toxic pollutants from the air. It continues with conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen during the night as well. Fun fact is, is often called as Mother-In-Law’s tongue due to such shape of leaves.
Source: Google Images
  1. Lucky Bamboo: The scientific name goes by Dracaena Braunii. It is mostly popular in Asian countries. The plant is one which can survive adverse conditions and low lighting. This plant is mostly used for gifting purpose. It is often associated with Feng Shui. It represents elements of the Earth.
Source: Google Images
  1. Peace Lilies: As the name suggests it’s a plant with cute white lilies. The shape of the flower is that of a leaf. It has soothing effect on the eyes. The plant purifies the air, promotes peaceful sleep, and absorbs acetone vapours. It is a safe houseplant and best for bedroom due to its peace inducing nature.
Source: Google Images
  1. Red Aglaonema: One can never go wrong with this plant. It accepts the least care that is given from your end. It grows well in low light, bright light, even survives a few weeks without watering. Another benefit is it scores full marks on the aesthetics, they do an amazing job on looking good in your house. The plant purifies the air and makes the air a little humid through its breathing process.
Source: Google Images
  1. Burgundy Rubber Plant: The plant is in top ranks when it comes to the benefits. Not only it purifies the air, but gives resistance to pests and various diseases. It increases the humidity of the room in which it is placed. The perfect place for the plant would be a well-lit room with indirect sunlight on the plant. It does not require extensive watering as well.
Source: Google Images
  1. Swiss Cheese Plant: The scientific name of the plant is Monstera Deliciosa. The plant is popularly called the swiss cheese plant due to the shape of its leaves. The plant was a rage on the internet as an indoor plant which works as good décor too! It loves a warm and humid environment in the house. It requires good lighting as well. The plant will take care of you by improving air quality, collecting dust which otherwise would pollute the air and its humidity is good for the human respiratory system. 
Source: Google Images

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