Colours of SS 21

As we enter in the new year, we see a lot of changes happening around us! Change is something that all of us are looking forward to in this new year. The colour trends are just telling the same story.

The colour trends for the Spring Summer 2021 released by Pantone are a treat for the sore eyes.

Without building much mystery around it, let’s dive into the 8 colours of the Power Surge Palette by Pantone for SS21.

  1. Red Maple:

This colour speaks a lot. It is the colour of courage, passion, love, and sacrifice. It is not too loud but at the same time stands out for sure. The maple tone in this colour gives a warm vibe about it.

  1. Nobility:

The nobility colour is a shade of Blue. It is on the brighter end of the colour blue. The colour pops out! It gives the sense of trust, security and loyalty. The colour signifies responsibility and reliability. It’s like a new blue colour.

  1. Iced Mango:

This is a new and fun colour! This colour is a bridge of the pastel tones of the past few seasons with a dash of this season’s trend of the bright colours. Iced Mango gives out the perfect summery feels.

  1. Boudoir Red:

Another tone on the dark end of the palette. The boudoir red colour looks stylish, elegant and classy, all at the same time. This shade of red is not something that is seen often. Adorning this colour will ensure that you turn a few heads in your direction!

  1. Lime Zest:

As the name describes this colour is zesty, vibrant and fresh. It symbolizes happiness, optimism, energy and clarity. We are so thrilled to see this colour on outfits and how stylists’ style it with other colours.

  1. Siesta:

Siesta is the cutest shade amongst this palette. It is somewhere on the lines of peachy pink. The colour reminds of the sunset sky from the beach. It’s a beautiful shade of pink.

  1. Pepper Stem:

The pepper stem colour is a shade of green. This colour looks like 2 tones lighter of the bottle green colour. The colour is soothing, relaxing and youthful. This colour can be played around with a lot in the accessories.

  1. Fairy Wing:

This colour is all magic! It is a pastel shade of pink-purple colour which we have been seeing for the past few years. It is a super cute colour which has a very girly vibe about it.

This is all about the Pantone SS21 palette from us. We are super psyched seeing all these colours!

Realizations in 2020

We have come to such a point in life where every realization, every situation, every incident ultimately makes us think about life in general – in retrospect.

COVID has changed the way we view things. What things are worth our time and which deserve to be ignored and laughed at!

Source: Google Images

We tend to get upset over the silliest of things and waste our happy moments and days being grumpy about things which are not going to matter in the long run. But recent times have changed the way we deal with life.

We have become less concerned about what people will think if we do not behave a certain way or in line with the norms decided by the society! We have come to give a pass to other people as well and not hold a grudge against them for petty happenings.

Source: Google Images

The small social circles have become even smaller. We have started taking things on a lighter note more often – which is very good because every little thing should not carry so much of weight and importance.

We have started becoming more forgiving and kind to each other and most importantly –  to ourselves. The part of the world where we come from – we are used to being so harsh on ourselves. We need to change that and be more accepting and less judgmental of our own selves.

Source: Google Images

We are blessed with this beautiful form of life and we should try and make the most of it.

Future is uncertain –this sentence never made so much sense until the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world!

Source: Google Images

Goodbye 2020, we had so much to learn from you!

Welcome 2021, we await with you new hopes and dreams in our hearts!

Indoor Plants

  1. ZZ plant: Zamioculcas zamiifolia is one of the easiest plants to take care of. They do not require frequent watering. It should not be overwatered. The plant requires medium to low indirect sunlight. It will work just fine in a low light spot as well. The plant does not attract any bugs or pests either. It’s a great option for the indoor plants. The best part about the plant is that it’s an air purifier plant.
Source: Google Images
  1. Snake Plant/ Mother-in-Law’s Tongue: This one is a succulent plant. The plant requires very little watering and indirect sunlight. It has number of health benefits including filtering the air inside the room. Along with that it removes the toxic pollutants from the air. It continues with conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen during the night as well. Fun fact is, is often called as Mother-In-Law’s tongue due to such shape of leaves.
Source: Google Images
  1. Lucky Bamboo: The scientific name goes by Dracaena Braunii. It is mostly popular in Asian countries. The plant is one which can survive adverse conditions and low lighting. This plant is mostly used for gifting purpose. It is often associated with Feng Shui. It represents elements of the Earth.
Source: Google Images
  1. Peace Lilies: As the name suggests it’s a plant with cute white lilies. The shape of the flower is that of a leaf. It has soothing effect on the eyes. The plant purifies the air, promotes peaceful sleep, and absorbs acetone vapours. It is a safe houseplant and best for bedroom due to its peace inducing nature.
Source: Google Images
  1. Red Aglaonema: One can never go wrong with this plant. It accepts the least care that is given from your end. It grows well in low light, bright light, even survives a few weeks without watering. Another benefit is it scores full marks on the aesthetics, they do an amazing job on looking good in your house. The plant purifies the air and makes the air a little humid through its breathing process.
Source: Google Images
  1. Burgundy Rubber Plant: The plant is in top ranks when it comes to the benefits. Not only it purifies the air, but gives resistance to pests and various diseases. It increases the humidity of the room in which it is placed. The perfect place for the plant would be a well-lit room with indirect sunlight on the plant. It does not require extensive watering as well.
Source: Google Images
  1. Swiss Cheese Plant: The scientific name of the plant is Monstera Deliciosa. The plant is popularly called the swiss cheese plant due to the shape of its leaves. The plant was a rage on the internet as an indoor plant which works as good décor too! It loves a warm and humid environment in the house. It requires good lighting as well. The plant will take care of you by improving air quality, collecting dust which otherwise would pollute the air and its humidity is good for the human respiratory system. 
Source: Google Images

Minimalism is back in trend

Cover Image

The times of pandemic have brought upon many changes in our life. Minimalistic lifestyle approach is one of them!

So what is really a necessity in life? A big question which presented itself in front of us and it was a much unexpected one! We were living life in our own little bubble, running around in circles, seeking validation from each and every person who had crossed our lives and taking inspirations and picking up habits from all around us.

We were not being fair to ourselves. So what if that colleague had a chic luxury handbag and that friend of yours got a pair of heels which costed thousands! It is not necessary that you own all that fancy and then only feel whole or confident/accomplished.

One big thing that we have learned during this pandemic is that life is very simple and in order to live happily with your loved ones, you do not need to own all the luxury items that the world has to offer you! Here we have compiled a list of fancy/expensive things that we no longer feel the need to splurge on. Have a look and share your thoughts with us!

1] A luxury handbag: A bag lover will always think that the wardrobe will be able to squeeze in 1 more bag! But in our heart we know that there is really no need of that. Spending bundles of cash on a single bag does not make sense anymore, at least to us. There are other options available which are good enough, branded – though not label stuff but still worthy of being on your arms!


Source: Google Images

2] That expensive pair of stilettos: In daily routine, we hardly wear stilettos. Neither at work nor at any random movie/dinner outing, are we going to use those heels!  There is no point in spending thousands of rupees on a single of pair of footwear which are not going to be used that often. Rather you can spend that much amount on multiple pairs of footwear which you will use more regularly or even a single one which has more use to it than those fancy ones!


Source: Google Images

3] Insanely expensive Sunglasses:  A good pair of sunglasses is a must in anyone’s must have and we could not agree more with it. But owning a pair belonging to luxury brands selling those glasses at exorbitant rates is not a ‘must have’ at all. A good pair which is stylish and gives ample protection to your eyes is available at much lower prices too!


Source: Google Images

4] Clothing items: Designer wear is always going to be expensive and sometimes it is even worth it, but owning only expensive clothes in your wardrobe is not a sign of being fashion conscious or does not guarantee that you are a fashionista. Sometimes, with the amount of single piece of garment, you can pay your electricity bill of 2 months or have a nice weekend trip at a 5 star resort with your loved ones! Just imagine! Even if you have that kind of money, why let it go on a casual piece of clothing when you can do so much more of your choice with that amount!


Source: Google Images

5] Limited edition items: A huge marketing gimmick this is! Be it phones, clothing, perfumes, cars – anything at all, every industry uses this trick to sell their stuff at a higher price than usual. With slight changes than the routine merchandise, these products are sold at a handsome higher price than their normal counterparts. Sometimes, just an additional graphic detail qualifies as a limited edition product.  The adrenaline rush that humans get from owning something which is unique and in limited numbers helps the companies sell their items like hot cakes but according to us, there is no such necessity to own them and we can be just fine without adding them in our portfolio of our priced possessions!

Source: Google Images

6] Watches:  Obsessed with watches we are and so it was a very heart breaking situation when we accepted the fact that the luxury watches that cost up to lacs of rupees are never going to be a part of necessities without which life cannot go on. Smart and chic and amazing watch pieces can be owned at lower prices too and this splurging on grand time pieces is a luxurious hobby that sadly we won’t be indulging in anymore! *sigh*


Source: Google Images

Please please please do not get us wrong, we are not against any luxury brands or expensive items.

We, ourselves are guilty of owning many such things, but this new way of life that the widespread disease has thrown upon has changed our perspective on life and so this article was born.

We completely agree that it is an individual’s choice. The above piece of writing is purely a very personal set of opinions.

Ruling Color Palette of SS 2020

The New Year brings along with it lots of fresh hopes, promises, dreams and also a whole new color palette in terms of fashion! Haha!

This year too the same pattern repeats itself and the colors for this Spring/Summer are out. After a very long time, this year will see a lot of bright colors along with pastels and darker tones too.

Let us get down to which colors are going to rule the runway fashion this summer and also slowly creep into the street side fashion in the subsequent months.

  1. Scarlet

Flame Scarlet

Source:Google Images

This is a welcome change from all the pastel colors that we have been wearing since the last couple of years. We have been waiting for this kind of bright color to make way back in the game since forever now.


  1. Faded Denim

Untitled design

Source:Google Images

We find this color to be very soothing to the eyes and very chic. You can use this one either for your formal attires or the casual ones, both types of outfits can be rocked with this shade.


  1. Biscay Green

Biscay Green

Source:Google Images

It is such a pretty color and it looks very refreshing once you wear it as a garment. Pair it with a dash of pink and you are all set to sport a look which is all things pretty.


  1. Chive


Source:Google Images

It is such a rich, dark shade of green. Been there in Indian traditional outfits since last season, this year it is going to rule the casual western wear too. Pair it smartly with a variety of color options and nothing will look classier!


  1. White

White 1

Source:Google Images

The famous classic white is back in the game and how! Pick any fabric, any cut, any style and white will always make you look good. Moreover, with the temperatures soaring, nothing will quite beat the heat like the cool white and its tones.


  1. Saffron

Saffron 2 

Source:Google Images

Now this one was a surprise package. For starters, it is a very bright color and very tricky to carry. But once you get the hold of it, you will look smashing carrying this one!


  1. Coral Pink

Coral Pink

Source:Google Images


Continuing the pastel trend is the coral pink in the palette of SS 2020. It is a very cute shade and it makes you look very adorable.


  1. Grape compote

Grape Compote

Source:Google Images

Giving company to Chive in the darker colors department is our very own grape compote color. It is not the one which would feature in everyone’s favorite list but a very welcome change in the palette this one is!