5 essentials a girl should carry in her handbag!

A girl’s handbag is a secret stash of things. You will find things in there which one would have never imagined! So here we go giving full gyaan on what all things you must carry in the handbag!


1] Lip Balm: It is such a basic thing but is a life savior. When you are for long hours, your lips tend to get dry and lose the moisture resulting into chapped lips. Get a lip balm which suits you and say goodbye to chapped lips problem. It can even work as a base before you reapply your lipstick before that important meeting!



2] A moisturizer: It is something which I personally think is very important to carry along in the bag as I have a very dry skin which tends to dry out even more in the sun and pollution.



3] Wet wipes/Facial Tissues: It is something which is very helpful when you are going to be out for long hours and there is a possibility that you will not get a chance to freshen up during the entire day.

Wet wipes


4] A bottle of fragrance: So, body odour is a big no no for me and that is the reason that I keep a little bottle of perfume/mist in my bag always in case of emergencies. Whether it is a day out or a routine office day, it would not hurt to keep a little magic liquid in your bag!


5] Cash/Card: This is the last on my list but the most important of all. I like to step out of the house feeling carefree and independent and the cash/card help me in feeling that. Wherever you go, in today’s world, the survival is extremely difficult without money and so I like to keep that with me at all times possible.


5 wardrobe essentials every girl must have!

Let’s do this people! After a very long sabbatical, we have decided to be active here now.

Now, I know this is all going to sound very cliche and quite obvious but you gotta have what you gotta have! Cannot skip on these essentials.



1] A classic Blue Denim: This is a must in every girl’s wardrobe, no matter what the trends are currently. A blue Denim can save you from any situation; whether you pair it with a party top for a house party or a casual tee for running errands, your blue denim is there to save your day!


2] A black dress: This one is a classic and you can never go wrong with this one! A black dress does not necessarily mean a short and tight and the LBD which usually people refer to! It could be a simple shift dress as well, with fancy sleeves or sexy back pattern. Whatever sails your boat! You could carry it off on a movie night, a date, a fine dine place.


3] A cool jacket: Now this one is rather tricky because there are so many types of jackets which are available in the market. There is bomber jacket, there is denim jacket, there is leather jacket and so many more. A jacket can do wonders for the outfit. If you want to up a casual look, throw in a jacket; if you are not sure about the top then too jacket is there for you.


4] A stole: Now this one I am not sure how many of you will be able to relate to, but for me personally this has worked wonders over the years! A good stole can do wonders to your outfit and overall look. The stoles can be of many prints and fabrics but my personal favorite is a good handloom stole with color block patterns in neutral shades so that it can go with every outfit that I wear.


5] A basic solid color T shirt: This may sound very plain but trust me it is of utmost importance. Whether you have a party top in your closet or not but a solid color basic t shirt is a must. Feeling under weather but still need to step out? Throw on your basic T shirt and you are good to go! Going on a road trip? Need something chic yet comfy? You have your solid color basic T shirt for the rescue. Not feeling very upbeat about getting dressed up for that movie night? You have a garment in your wardrobe to save you. These and many more such instances have one solution in common and that is your basic T shirt.


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Reasons why should you sign up for a Bridal Styling package?

Reasons why should you sign up for a Bridal Styling package?


First things first, Bridal Styling Package does not only mean Make up and Skin betterment sessions.

Bridal Styling includes everything from choosing the smallest pin that goes into your hair to the trousseau that you will adorn on the most special day of your life! Amidst the chaos that surrounds a typical Indian wedding, it is advisable that you appoint yourself a Bridal Stylist to help you with all your D-day styling queries.

1] With all the running around even for the smallest of things, hunting for the perfect places to shop your look becomes taxing. You already have all the Flowerwalas, Caterers, ‘The Guests’ etc. to take care of; that is where a Bridal Stylist steps in! He/She will not only scout for the perfect places to look for your bridal dress but also will arrange for the perfect make up solutions, Hair dos etc. for the bride.

2] A Bridal Stylist is your one stop shop for the entire range of functions that you have lined up and even beyond. The consultant will not only help you to shop for your wedding dress but also assist you in your shopping for casuals, shoes, bags, make-up and everything a bride can imagine to buy!


3] It is the dream of every bride to look and feel like a million bucks on her special day but the budget varies from person to person. That however, should never act as a barrier to a bride and stop her from looking her best! A Bridal Consultant is an expert in his/her field and so will help you get the required set of essentials in your budget.


4] A Bridal Stylist has an eye for what suits you the best based on your Body type, Hair Type, Skin Type and so will accordingly suggest you what color palette should you be looking at while choosing your outfits! The consultant will also help you choose the best pieces of jewellery that will match your outfit and most importantly – your personality! The kind of make-up that should be worn and the hair styles which will enhance your face are also shortlisted by the Bridal Consultant!


In these times, Bridal Styling no more remains a luxury; it is more of a necessity with the brides-to-be working full times until the last week of their wedding! The consultants charge a certain percentage of your budget and so their fees depend entirely on how elaborately you plan your wedding. Shedding a few extra bucks for this can save you a lot of time and money and it will ensure that you rock your grand day in a manner unmatched!


5 reasons you need a personal stylist/shopper to make your life simpler



1] A personal stylist will make you realise your own style quotient. Each person has his/her own personality traits and it is best that they carry themselves in accordance with those traits. Your personal stylist/shopper will make you realise the very reason that you needed a stylist!

2] It is very important to know the loopholes in anything if you want to beat that thing. Same is the case with your wardrobe woes! If you want to know what is wrong with your current wardrobe, rather what is missing in your current closet then a personal stylist is who you need.

3] Your own stylist will study your personality, lifestyle, your nature, your likes and dislikes, your social circle, your professional requirements and make an entire chart to follow! Ahh, how cool does that sound! A stylist is born to make you feel great about yourself and so will help you sort your wardrobe which will make you shine the brightest of ‘em all!

4] Having a personal shopping assistant/ stylist will help you to shop what is needed and that too well within your budget. As an added advantage, you also get to buy what is in trend and what is going to stay in trend for sometime ensuring that you do not waste your money on some fad which will fade away in a couple months.

5] One of the main reasons you need someone to help you with the wardrobe woes is time constraint. In this fast paced world, with the professional and personal commitments taking a hefty amount of your time, it is naturally impossible for you to keep a tab on how to look your best each time you step out!


A stylist is only as good as his/her client! A client has to walk hand in hand with the stylist in order to get the best results. While you book an appointment with your stylist make sure that you have your list of requirements ready. This will make the entire ride a fun filled and exciting journey!

So, go ahead get yourself a personal stylist/shopper and make your lives only a bit easier than they already are! *wink wink*

See you soon!